Think Beyond Chocolate Chips

We can bake any kind of cookie you want

If you like cookies for their own sake or want to use them as toppings on your cake, come to Bartlett Bakery. We'll bake any type of cookie you can think of. We use a variety of flavorings and fillers to create cookies you won't be able to resist. There'll be no thought of eating just one.

Contact Bartlett Bakery today for the freshly baked cookies you're craving.

We use cookies in many ways

We use cookies in many ways

When it comes to cookie ideas, we can create whatever you can imagine. We bake all kinds of cookies, including chocolate and chocolate chip. You can enjoy them:

  • On their own
  • On top of cakes
  • On top of cupcakes
  • For cream-filled sandwiches
  • For icing-covered designs

Our cookies can be baked softer or crispier based on your preference. Call 207-664-4611 today to place an order for cookies for your next event or special occasion.